Watercolour Paintings


“La Fleur”




Scene near Glen of the Downs



” Boat Study at Bullock Harbour “
Co. Dublin.
Unframed 19″ x 13.5″
Framed 27″ x 21″.
(Available )


” Beautiful Killincarrig “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 10.5″ x 7″,
Framed 16.5″ x 13″.
( SOLD )


“Blessington Lake “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 12″ x 9″
( Available )


” Castle Street “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 8.5″ x 6.5″,
Framed 15″ x 12″.
( Available )


” Cattle Grazing “
Co. Cork.
Unframed 6.5″ x 8.5″.
( Available )


” Festina Lente Fountain “
Festina Lente Gardens,
Old Connaught Avenue,
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 14″ x 8″,
Framed 22.5″ x 17″.
( SOLD )


” Old Farm Remnance “
Enniskerry to Roundwood Road,
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 8.5″ x 5″
Framed 15.5″ x 12.5″


” Snowscene “
on the
Kilmacanogue to Roundwood Road,
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 8″ x 11″
Framed 15″ x 18″
( Available)


” Storm Clouds Gathering “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 10.5″  x  7″


” The Kiosk “
Bray Seafront,
Co. Wicklow.
( SOLD )


” Tide in Tide out “
Unframed 9.5″  x  7″


Commissioned Painting
Greystones Harbour,
Co. Wicklow.


” A Walk by Kilcoole Beach “
 Co. Wicklow.
Unframed  11″ x 6″.
( Available)


Peter G





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6 thoughts on “Watercolour

  1. Helen Harrison

    Hi Peter,

    Helen Harrison here, i had a look at your paintings online: when i say i’ll do a thing; i do it; I think that is why i get down to writing. I can tell you – it was worth the look, fantastic paitings. I particularly like ‘The Rhode Island Reds’ as i used to have them. I also love ‘The shady road,’ and can imagine walking along it…in it’s dappled shade. I also enjoyed ‘The Old Greystones Harbour, and Killincarrig: great detail, and i like the copper beech in the painting. The boat study at Bullock Harbour is fantastic, i know Dalkey well. I like Delganey woods too, and it is a place close to my heart. I have also been to ‘killcoole bird sanctuary,’ and i love the railway station there…(loved Aiofe Hester’s ‘Bray Journal’ cover – which captured the track and sky), so i appreciated ‘A walk by Killcoole beach’. Cattle grazing in Kinsale is supperb. And my aunt in Bray would love the ‘Bray churches,’ but so would everyones aunt.
    You have been working hard, great work and well done Peter.

  2. Madeline Ryan

    Hi Peter , I think your paintings are stunning! I dont know which medium I prefer most,they are all so beautiful. Wish I could paint like you! It was lovely to meet you and your wife ,in St. Crispins Field. Bet you have it started already. Good Luck
    Madeline Ryan

    1. Peter Growney Post author

      Great meeting you too Madeline! Thank you so much for your very kind compliments! I am really looking forward to seeing your work very soon!! Kind Regards, Peter.

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