” Stillness at Roundwood Resevoir “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 18″ x 14″
Framed  25″ x 21″


” Red Boats at Collimore Harbour “
Co.  Dublin.
Unframed 14.5″ x 10″,
Framed 22.5″ x 18″


Scene on the
Greystones to Bray Road.


” Rainbow over Bray Head “
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 17″ x 11″,
Framed 25″ x 20″


 ” Evening Sunset at Bullock Harbour “
Co. Dublin.
Unframed 24″ x 16″


View from the Reconciliation Centre,
Co. Wicklow.
Unframed 15″W x 23″High.
Framed 24″ x 32″ approx.
( Available )


A Walk to Bray Head.

” A Walk up Bray Head “
with Aisling and Damien,
( NFS )


” The Shaded Road “
A scene on the Lower  Windgates Road near  Glen of the Downs.
Pastel painting on watercolour paper
coated with black gesso.


Peter G



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4 thoughts on “Pastels

  1. martine babin alcacer

    very lovely ! i’m french, but ioften go in ireland. ilove ireland and I’d like any views for painting wwhith pastel. sorry for my english and congratulations martine

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