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Ducklings by the Dargle

Saturday 17th April 2021


Duck spotted in overgrowth by the riverbank


She is approached by a drake that has been swimming with another duck


He chases the duck back into her nest


He then chases after her very agressively


She sounds scared as she tries to escape him pulling at her feathers


After this agression which lasted about a minute he calmly entered the river to join the duck he had been with before



The mother duck then exited her nest with her brood which numbered fifteen ducklings


They all joined mother duck in the water


As I photographed the ducklings this hooded crow alighted on a post about three feet away. This bird showed no fear whatsoever


Meanwhile this grey wagtail, a regular by the river was looking for food among the stones


Mother and babies enjoy a swin in the river close to our side



She coaxed them on to the riverbank.


This heron flew past and hopefully did not spot the ducklings as I believe they are predators.



This starling is partial to a small fish !!!


A blue tit in the nearby trees


I photographed this blackcap singing melodiously at a different location.


I spotted my first swallow of this year looking very well after the marathon journey to summer with us



Another photo of the blue tit


The old Solus Tower at Little Bray. A memory from bygone days.


A few recent photos taken very recently. It is a very exciting time as all the birds are pairing up for the breeding season and some have already begun building their nests

This shag was busy fishing on the Dargle
He takes a dive!!!
Success !!!!! The ShagPhoto sequence of two swans landing on the Dargle

Swans courting on the Dargle


Two cygnets reaching maturity

The Grey Wagtail Two Pied Wagtails Grey Hooded Crow taking a bath. Dipper diving Spot the Heron Three Brent geese fly past They fly low past Bray Harbour wall A beautiful crow Little Egret Prime real estate near Old Bray Golfclub

End of February 2021


A few nature observations from the Peoples Park. Lower Dargle Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. 3rd February, 2021.

My first time to spot a beautiful dipper in action!!


This cormorant was very busy fishing

Delighted to make a correction on this one. An ornitologist friend of mine has advised me and I am very grateful that this bird is in fact a shag (same family as cormorant). It is smaller than the cormorant and frequents the river less . Great to have been there at the right place at the right time.


Just dived!!


Can stay underwater for ten to fifteen seconds and when they surface it can be quite a distance from where they dived


Great excitement when we spotted this dipper. It was a beauty and we observed it doing a bit of DIPPING!!!!



A wagtail just flew past in this shot!!!



This beautiful mistle thrush brought back some memories. The first time I saw this magnificent bird was when I was a child in Frayne, my townland outside Athboy, Co. Meath. An ash tree grew at the front of our house. About ten feet from the base there was a three branch fork. Every year the mistle thrush built her nest here. There would be four eggs and the four always hatched. When she would leave the nest we would be able to have a look. Never bothered her when we would be out playing . She would never fly away. We could sit at the kitchen table and observe the comimgs and goings. It was pure magic.



Juvenile gull


Black headed gull


This grey hooded crow was busy by the river turning over stones to catch unsuspecting prey


 Plenty of action by the Dargle River at the People’s Park, Lower Dargle Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland yesterday, January 22nd 2021

Male and female mallard

Black headed gull in winter plumage. In summer it has the black head (actually it is dark brown). In winter it just has the dark spot behind the eye. They were the most predominant gull in the People’s Park yesterday

This black gull was fishing yesterday. It was a first for us to see this particular one fishing

It would swim along looking intensely into the water

then up into the air

then the dive!!!! It was fantastic to see

There were quite a few transathlantic planes in the air. This one was in transit Paris to JFK.


There was a feeding frenzy and these gulls were competing in a big way for the food being given to them

One of the lucky ones flying off with it’s prize !!!!

Some early daffodils to lift the spirits

The moon was quite visible in the afternoon sky


Visit to

East Coast Nature Reserve


Co. Wicklow

October 11th 2020


Visit to

Vartry Resevoir and Woods

7th October 2020

Robin on a Holly Bush

Grey Wagtail

Young Mallard Duck

Grey Heron

Little Grebe (Juvenile)

Little Grebe gone fishing



The Blue Butterfly

Just so lucky to see this beautiful Blue Butterfly on the Southern Cross, Bray, Co, Wicklow, Ireland. 14th, May, 2020


Little Creatures discovered on my Walk

Since today is World Bee Day, May 20th, 2020, delighted I came across some bees!!!

Notice the pollen sacks on it’s legs!!!!


Wildlife by the Dargle River

Wildlife by the Dargle River, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

11th/12th May 2020

Stay safe all!!



The Blue Butterfly

Just so lucky to see this beautiful Blue Butterfly on the Southern Cross, Bray, Co, Wicklow, Ireland. 14th, May, 2020


Solar Eclipse

Because a Solar Eclipse is so rare

I decided I would share these photos

which I took in my back garden with you.


 Solar Eclipse EX 001

Solar Eclipse on Canon 001

 Solar Eclipse EX 004

Solar Eclipse on Canon 002

Solar Eclipse on Canon 004

Solar Eclipse on Canon 005

Solar Eclipse on Canon 006

Solar Eclipse on Canon 007

Solar Eclipse on Canon 016

Solar Eclipse on Canon 018

Solar Eclipse on Canon 023

Solar Eclipse on Canon 024

Solar Eclipse on Lumix 002

Solar Eclipse on Lumix 003


Hills of Wales

Bray Head 17 7 2016 049-001Bray Head 17 7 2016 048

Hills of Wales photographed from the walkway

over the top of Bray Head!!!!! (Sunday, 17th, July, 2016)

Photos: Peter Growney


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