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Members of Chéile community Choir enjoyed a Welcoming Party hosted by chor7o on Saturday evening 21st September 2019

Both Choirs then performed an impromptu sing along

Cheile Community will perform at a Concert in Hainfeld on Sunday Evening, 22nd of September 2019


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Our visit to the famous Walled Garden at Old Connaught Avenue this week was an uplifting experience . Walled Garden, beautiful flowers, allotments, terrapins, wildlife all await you!!! I never saw so many bumble bees and honey bees all working feverishly in the lavender rows. It is a photographers paradise!!!!

Anna busy with plant watering

Jim busy weeding


A Walk up Bray Head


Lots and lots of wildlife and scenic beauty on this walk!!! Start at the roundabout beside the Wilton Hotel then up to the Cross on Bray Head then cross the gate on the right . This part of the walk will bring you over the top of Bray Head and eventually down to the Old Greystones Road. (Definitely not a walk to be missed)


A ship passes the Kish Lighthouse

A Song thrush in full song

Looking down on the Cliff Walk

(Bray to Greystones)


A cock linnet in great condition



( John’s dog)


Hills of Wales

visible on the horizon

Hen pheasant very well camouflaged in this photo!!!

A hen linnet

A cock goldfinch


A young stonechat!

A view of Greystones Harbour with Wicklow Head in the background!

Snowdon visible on the horizon!

Distance 134 klm or 83 miles!!!!

Moon visible in the afternoon

(notice craters on bottom right)

The dreaded Japanese knotweed

(an invasive plant that came into Ireland)



Some of the birds on the Dargle River beside The People’s Park this afternoon, Sunday, 5th, May, 2019.
There were two herons and a junior which I have found out are called Branchers which I believe means taken to the branchers.
Also at the same time most of the birds decided it was time to bathe!!!



Solar Eclipse

Because a Solar Eclipse is so rare

I decided I would share these photos

which I took in my back garden with you.


 Solar Eclipse EX 001

Solar Eclipse on Canon 001

 Solar Eclipse EX 004

Solar Eclipse on Canon 002

Solar Eclipse on Canon 004

Solar Eclipse on Canon 005

Solar Eclipse on Canon 006

Solar Eclipse on Canon 007

Solar Eclipse on Canon 016

Solar Eclipse on Canon 018

Solar Eclipse on Canon 023

Solar Eclipse on Canon 024

Solar Eclipse on Lumix 002

Solar Eclipse on Lumix 003


Hills of Wales


Bray Head 17 7 2016 049-001Bray Head 17 7 2016 048

Hills of Wales photographed from the walkway

over the top of Bray Head!!!!! (Sunday, 17th, July, 2016)

Photos: Peter Growney



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